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Face Off



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Deep House




Dirtie Blonde





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Today we’re excited to bring you Upone, who has been published a new track. We talked about inspired tracks that starts off with a smooth bassline and fluttering synths. As it progresses through untreated and pitched down samples, it gets a little more obscure, bringing in breakbeat spattering of drums, synths and samples.

Upone is an electronic music Dj who makes songs with sounds that everyone can understand to. I predict huge things happening in this year… mark my words.

I you want listen more, visit Upone Facebook

Play it right this weekend, guys!

It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in the electronic music community and doing it without being just another sound alike artists that gets laughed at and ridiculed. If you are up to the challenge….Dj Mister K are waiting to rock your face off.

DJ Mister K is a german based DJ/Producer and spinning record since 2006. Mister K’s rising starts with the 3. place at the DJ Open Conest 2013 (60 national & international candidates). After the contest the promotors & booker got a eye on Mister K and booked him for many events in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Mister K plays Hip Hop, RnB, House, Electro, Trap and Twerk, but he create his own style of playing music. The essential mix of all style in a powerful and innovative set is the key of his success. Inspired by DJs like Diplo, DJ Snake and many more.



Resident Club & Lounge Barbee Stuttgart

ROCK THE B**** aer Club Stuttgart

ROCK THE B**** Baton Rouge Mannheim

Resident Hip Hop vs. Old School, Milchbar Kirchheim


Club & Lounge Barbee Stuttgart

aer-Club Stuttgart

Penthouse Stuttgart

ONE Esslingen

Flash Pforzheim

Baton Rouge Mannheim

Velvet Club Basel (Schweiz)

Phantombar Stuttgart

Pussycat Club Ludwigsburg

Cafete Universitat Stuttgart

Milchbar Kirchheim

Gewolbekeller Harmonie, Freiburg im Breisgau

Liederhalle, Stuttgart

Spiaggia, Rimini (Italy)

and many more…


DJ Rockmaster B (bigFM)

DJ Tomekk (Boogie Down Berlin)

DJ P (bigFM)

Chelo (Sam Musik/Chimperator)

DJ Antar (bigFM)

DJ Sean Gizz (bigFM)

DJ Rasimcan (bigFM)

and many more…

What do you think? More Coming soon…

The Dj based in Spain called Dj Acece, make waves in the music scene with the release of the new tracks. Returning to the source material that made this artist so widely known, Dj Acece drop a brand new re-working of the track. Although the track isn’t full of the usual heavy mix of high-energy, electro, and reverberating effects, the simplicity of the gritty beat gives it that old school feel and makes for a complimentary mix.

Take a listen to the flipped video above, and be sure to catch Dj Acece. This music will hit several venues for the next tour.

I just discovered this artist from Germany