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I want to talk about Face Off. His particular creation of the deep house is something to mention also. Take for instance the track Sets. The sample throughout makes the track a constant repeat.

Whenever I play it, I feel like I’m in a car, riding along with the top down in LA or Miami. And don’t sleep on his emcee skills. They are top-notch, with drums that make you rock your head and feel every snare he’s playing.

It doesn’t matter where you are at in the world. If you play one of his tracks, you’ll be kicking up your feet and rockin’ to his beat in no time….


Face Off



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Deep House



I am officially a Twitter addict!!! Here’s an artist from the partial list of the great music that I’ve discovered on Twitter in the last week.

Face Off from Italy:

This will be more a collection of deep house links. Hopefully, time allowing, I will be able to do full reviews of some of these releases in the near future.

I’m the biggeeest fan of this Dj from Italy

Enjoy my sweets!!