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I came across today’s new music discovery several weeks ago and I have been waiting for the perfect time to feature it on the blog… and that time is now. Dirtie Blonde is a Dj formation that delivers songs that are filled with impeccable sounds, driving audio, massive hooks and huge choruses. What I love about Dirtie Blonde is how this Dj is able to draw upon the many influences to the next level.

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For you today,

Artist: Dirtie Blonde

Genre: Electronic


I really like the artist who follows and I tend to talk about each of his news,

Dj Timmo

The Dj based in Spain called Dj Acece, make waves in the music scene with the release of the new tracks. Returning to the source material that made this artist so widely known, Dj Acece drop a brand new re-working of the track. Although the track isn’t full of the usual heavy mix of high-energy, electro, and reverberating effects, the simplicity of the gritty beat gives it that old school feel and makes for a complimentary mix.

Take a listen to the flipped video above, and be sure to catch Dj Acece. This music will hit several venues for the next tour.