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I am officially a Twitter addict!!! Here’s an artist from the partial list of the great music that I’ve discovered on Twitter in the last week.

Face Off from Italy:

This will be more a collection of deep house links. Hopefully, time allowing, I will be able to do full reviews of some of these releases in the near future.


Guys! wait! this is fuckin amazing.

More coming soon…

Dj Dlux

Dj Dlux Facebook

It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in the electronic music community and doing it without being just another sound alike artists that gets laughed at and ridiculed. If you are up to the challenge….Jacopo Susini are waiting to rock your face off.

Jacopo Susini, young Italian dj and producer, began his dj career since 2009. Thanks to his accurate technique he succeeds to play in famous clubs as Kama Kama, Tenax, Tini soundgarden , Insomnia, Canniccia,Club Extra, Frau, King etc and also to perform with Djs like Andre Galluzzi, Karotte, Raresh, Dj Sneak, Matador, Hobo, Fabrizio Maurizi, Stacey Pullen, Leon, Ilario Alicante, Ralf, Pirupa, Luca Agnelli etc.

This year (2015) Jacopo Susini arrives to play at the famous international party ‘Amore 015’ in Rome.

The dj set by Jacopo Susini are technically very accurate and rich of various sounds, always managing to convey to the public the correct and positive energy.

About his productions, Jacopo Susini is influenced from deep and classic to house and techno, through sounds dark until you get to the party.

Stay Tuned in 2015 with the releases that will be out on important italian and international labels.

What do you think? More Coming soon…

Mann… This is good. So, Ok let’s keep on presenting this artist, more talent from United Kingdom, ah!




Genre: Progressive House



There is something almost symbiotic about the relationship between electro house vibes and Mondays. One pulls its listener into visions of happy, sunshine soaked dance floors while the other is slightly more bleak in its undertone, pulling your psyche into a paradoxical direction altogether. Yin and Yang. Sweet and salty. Balance. Which, not to wax philosophically for much longer, is why we love to pair glitzy club tunes with the most dreaded day of the week. Today, the mysterious Hedo popped up with a very driven and elegant slice of electro house induced house rhythms that commanded the undivided attention of our cochlear cavities from its onset.

Hedo is most certainly an act to keep your ears tuned into, and you can bet that ours will be too. Check it out above.


DBlock & SteFan ALIVE


Stafford Brothers PRESSURE

Blasterjaxx SNAKE



Filip Electro CRIME


Eric Farias ICE JUMP