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On Saturday, March 8th, The Sound of Q-Dance Part 2 landed at The Shrine Expo Hall to be So-Cal’s 2nd ever installment of Q-Dance. Q-Dance came back with a vengeance and a power packed line-up including Hardstyle pioneers such as Brennan Heart, The Prophet, and Frontliner along with Sylence and our very own acts from LA, Lady Faith and Mr. Skeleton — hosted by the one and only MC Villain.

From breathtaking visual production to a sound that will leave your ears ringing for days to come, The Sound of Q-Dance part 2 binded with all of your senses embodying you for an out of this world experience. Combine flabbergasting lights flashing from every direction as thick laser streams pierce the texturous electronic sky floating above everyone along with 150 beats per minute of bass (literally) in your face and you’ve got yourself the product of a mastermind; The Sound of Q-Dance.

Although fairly new to the states, Q-Dance and Hardstyle were introduced on a mass level at EDC Las Vegas in 2012, and it looks like they’re definitely here to stay. Plur warriors united as one, living up to the reputation of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect all in the face of uplifting melodies and innovative Hardstyle anthems losing their minds for 7 hours straight.

From Metal Heads to ravers, kandi kids, Festival regulars, Hardcore kids, shufflers, just about everyone was in attendance for one reason, Hardstyle. And Hardstyle fans are die hard fans, it’s as simple as that. Never have I seen any EDM connect people the way Hardstyle does. It’s not just a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Jumping to the beat of the kick (drum at 150bpm) surrounded by your friends, and friends to be; singing the tickling melodies in harmony, along with the most positive and uplifting vibes, this will be a night to remember for sure.

Hearing tracks like “Moxie” by Lady Faith and Showtek’s “Fuck The System” caused a ruckus in the crowd, getting everyone off of their feet, straight to the beat. Fist pumping as the sweat drips down everyone’s faces preaching “FUCK A 9 to 5 JOB, I LIVE FOR HARDSTYLE BABY” is what that night was all about.

Closing the night off was the one and only, Prophet. Dropping the hardest of tracks both classic and new, The Prophet made sure to make full use of the massive sound system and extravagant lighting just as everyone was getting ready to leave. Right when it seemed like the night had reached its peak he hijacked everyone’s minds and senses closing out with 30 straight minutes of good ol’ hardcore.

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