highlight of the day: deadmau5 live on short notice up at ultra music festival in Miami. That was fun. and hilarious. as he dropped some new stuff plus what has spread over the internet (mostly the twitterverse), some funny pisstake remix that someone on soundcloud did of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” which consists of a drop that got turned into “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and also Avicii’s Levels, played behind the vocals of mau5′s “Ghosts N Stuff” I’m not sure if that was being serious as a nod to Avicii who couldn’t come out to Ultra because he’s sick, or was it just another joke. I don’t know nor do I care I was laughing my way through that set. Funniest set ever.

More worries about travelling, this time, mum brought us to the attention that there may be controversy or just a little tension as we have to declare CDs/Books/stuff when we stop by Dubai, as things could go against beliefs/rules/regulations or whatever. Hmmm. It just makes you think, what do we see in Australia that’s ok that they might not think is ok??? Shit I wouldn’t know?? That’s awkward.

I’m thinking of drawing a new outline thing and include it into my blog because it’s a bit sparse at the moment, and Im not exactly typing out much at the moment.

And an hour later… here’s Tom Hiddleston.